Rudy Rupak

Meet Rudy Rupak:

Rudy Rupak, entrepreneur and visionary, was born in Chiswick, London in 1971. Growing up, he moved around quite a bit to multiple countries and cities including Calgary, Canada, Vancouver in British Columbia, Durban in South Africa, and Montreal Canada. Rudy eventually settled down in Goleta, California.

Since living in Los Angeles, Rudy Rupak has walked the entrepreneurial path. Rudy has been involved in multiple businesses over many years in fields varying from technology all the way to the big screen.

Rudy’s Entrepreneurial Success:

Rudy has always had a mind for entrepreneurial success even since a young age. While in high school Rudy began selling office supplies to other students who were in need. He sold pencil, pens, white out and more. This proved to be a pretty lucrative job for a young high school student. But Rudy always aimed for bigger and better ventures, so he began selling VHS tapes out of his locker. This concept later turned into a small movie rental store and was more lucrative than selling supplies.

Rudy later went on to develop his first official company, which specialized in desktop publishing. Rudy was on the cutting edge of the desktop publishing as the industry was just getting started; he was one of the very first to market. The company proved to be extremely fruitful and in 1987 Rudy sold a software he personally wrote to another company called KEYWORD, that company would later on become IBM Canada.

After the sale of the software to IBM Canada, Rudy pursued another path and enrolled in medical school in hopes of becoming a doctor. While learning the ins and out of healthcare and patient-care, Rudy brainstormed a new business. After a few years in medical school Rudy set out once again to pursue a dream of being involved in motion picture production. Rudy spent two years learning and preparing in the distribution industry before he created his own company. Millennium Multimedia was born in 1995. The company produced two films and two video games! The first movie was Snowboard Academy, starring Jim Varney, Corey Haim, and Brigitte Nielsen. The film was released by Columbia Pictures in 1996. The second film was the 1997 comedy “She’s Too Tall For Me.”

1996 was a very busy year for Rudy as Millennium Multimedia went public on NASDAQ (PINC). After leaving Millennium, Rudy found his place at a new company called American Apparel where he held the role of CTO. Rudy remained in this position for three years where he helped develop the technical direction of the company. While managing the responsibilities of CTO at American Apparel, Rudy developed and founded ContactStation. ContactStation was the first Call Center in Thailand.

Rudy Rupak & Medical Tourism:

The birth of ContactStation paved the way for a ground-breaking new industry known as “Medical Tourism.” Medical Tourism essentially allows for patients to receive the medical treatment and operations at a high caliber but lower cost while overseas. RudyRupak came up with the idea as his wife was then suffering from Lupus and needed urgent care while on vacation together. The couple was in Bangkok and immediately went to the hospital where Mrs. Rupak was carefully and properly cared for. Rudy was blown away by the level of service and the bill that was presented upon his wife’s release. The bill was a mere fraction of what he would have paid in the United States. Medical Tourism can be credited to Rudy as he found the world’s very first company solely focused on the process. The company that grew was called PlanetHospital. PlanetHospital has been responsible for the care for over 20,000 patients over many years. The company coordinated all arrangements for patients and offered premium services ranging from travel plans, hospital & hotel recommendations, as well as reputable doctors, and even concierge services. In 2006, Rudy was credited with the very first international surrogacy which took place in India. He later went on to introduce the concept to Mexico and Panama.

Rudy’s Current & Next Step:

Rudy currently invests in start-up companies by financing their internet marketing,  His company is aimed at helping these emerging companies grow through marketing, improving internal technologies, increasing quality and quantity of web presence while staying within budget. The company looks in depth at start-up company’s social media presence as well as online advertisements and develops a unique plan to benefit the start-up.

What’s next for Rudy Rupak? Rudy is exploring ways to improve and innovate mobile search engine optimization. Increasingly, people rely on their mobile devices for banking, work, and personal functions. Rudy foresees many changes within the technology sector that will affect everyone all the way from banking, telecommunication, and websites.  Rudy is also working on software for touch screen commerce. The concept would allow people to touch objects they see on screen and send it to their shopping cart.

While Rudy is beginning to launch his next venture he also plans to hit the big screen once again. After many years away from writing and producing, Rudy still dreams of creating a blockbuster hit movie.