And here we have our final post with our last few tips for how to make your content more mobile-friendly. Most of these tips are general, good SEO tips that can be applied to any site but are geared towards mobile SEO. The remaining few tips are as follows:

6. Using Categories and potentially sub-categories, depending on the complexity of your niche, can help organize your content in a way that is extremely useful for users to browse your content.

7. Implement An Offer on your Support & Community Pages. This may not directly affect the SEO friendliness of your site but it can help you collect leads from users who find your support content through search. A webinar or white paper could be valuable for both prospects and current users. However, be sure that the offer placement and sign up flow is not going to frustrate users looking to gain more information from you.

8. Monitor What You’re Putting in the Index. If you have a few pieces of content that are extremely short (not long enough to make a valuable contribution) or off-topic, you could be at risk of spam. You could noindex this content; however, to learn more about the pros and cons of noindexing, you can visit this site.

9. Create New Content Based on Research. There are a few different ways to conduct your own research in a rewarding way. Try doing research into possible related content opportunities with a tool like MarketMuse, you can run a competitive tool like SEMrush against your competitors’ support to see what kind of terms they’re ranking for, or you could even look at the threads your competitors are tagging as “popular” or “frequently asked” on their home page. It’s likely that their customers will have similar interests as your customers, even though they are of your competitors. You might find that some of these topics could be better covered as a blog post or product page; you could rework the content into another form. If you reexamine your content with an eye towards SEO, you may find opportunities to help improve the path to your content or drive more traffic to your site.