Last month we touched on a few ways to improve your content in order to increase engagement and thus signal to Google that it’s worthy of ranking higher. We discussed understanding your content and finding an audience who wants to read it. We talked about adding title tags and meta descriptions that accurately describe your content making it easy for users to understand what they are about to click on. What else can we do?

3. Link to your Support Section & support Content from other Parts of your Site

Linking internally is best if your do so with the user in mind. For example, link internally when it will benefit the reader to understand more about a certain topic rather than with SEO as your goal. You can also link to the community or support group from your site (if it makes sense in a larger context). You can link to relevant tutorials or other well written blog posts or articles if they will help provide your user with additional, relevant information.

4. Implement A Related Questions, Tutorials & Threads Widget

In addition to internal links, having a Related Questions section in the Widgets part of your site can help provide additional information for your users.

5. Implement A Popular Questions, Tutorials & Threads Widget

On the help center home page of Best Buy, they highlight a number of “commonly asked questions.” This can be an effective way to provide your users with more information as well increase link equity to your key pages. To determine the most popular questions can be determined by a few different means: look at pages with the most comments or responses, the most visited pages, or hand picking tutorials that you want to feature because they are important to your product or research. With this widget you can also consider including it in other parts of your site such as the navigation.

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A few more tips coming next month!