Closing a deal at a bar is a great idea; it’s a place to relax, get away from routines and make celebrating just a bit easier.  Buy a couple rounds, catch a few glimpses of the game, it’s a great time for everybody.  But if you’re meeting at a bar, you need to be careful how you approach it.  Research shows that control is key, and every little detail could make or break a deal.  Here are some tips, based off an article on

Avoid windows: When we’re warmer, studies show we tend to regard people as more trustworthy and generous.  This doesn’t mean ordering a round of hot toddy’s, but it wouldn’t hurt to sit far away from drafty doorways or windows.  

Choose a smooth table: In a study in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, participants touched rough and smooth surfaces before judging social interactions.  Those that touched the rougher ones viewed others as more difficult and adversarial.  

Find some soft seats: When Harvard, MIT and Yale researchers asked people to haggle over the price of a car, participants sitting in wooden chairs held out for more money than those seated in cushioned chairs.  Take the hard seat for yourself and put this negotiation technique in your favor.

Put your phone away: It takes the average brain just 200 milliseconds to determine somebody’s emotional state through facial expressions.  While waiting for your potential deal-mate to come along, make small talk with the server instead of flipping through numbers on 2048.  It will also make you appear more sociable.  

Don’t slouch: One Ohio State University study has shown that people with strong posture tend to feel better about themselves than those who slouch.  So avoid a low table, sit up straight and exude that confidence.  It’ll pay out when you sign that deal.