With the rapid rise of the online economy, creatives have started to make unique work opportunities for themselves, and are in demand now more than ever.  Since the commerce and industry of today is still a new frontier, online entrepreneurs are making things up as they go.  If you aren’t naturally creative, one way to fix that is to practice being creative.  I recently came across an article that shares some tips for making that happen, listed below:

Do nothing: If you’re almost always busy, take some time for yourself to do absolutely nothing.  Try and get a vacation, and if that doesn’t work take a staycation.  If you time is generally taken up by everyday projects and requirements, there isn’t much room for creative thoughts to flow.  Allow yourself to get a little bored, and soon the ideas will start to pour out.

Write things down: Get in the habit to taking notes.  One idea could be writing some pages in a journal the first thing in the morning about whatever comes to mind.  Throughout the day when ideas come to you, write them down.  Ideas often come at you when you’re involved in such activities as driving, showering, cooking and gardening, when the mind gets into a meditative state and the subconscious is able to spread its wings.

Pay attention to your dreams: When you study your own dream patterns through a journal and learning to interpret them.  Such ideas as the sewing machine, “The Terminator” movie, the Periodic Table of Elements and the DNA double helix all came from dreams.

Laugh: People have studied and calculated that those with a sense of humor tend to be more creative, since they look for everyday things and find the humor in them.  Listening to something funny before taking a test has been proven to raise test scores.  This is because people tend to think more creatively when they’re relaxed.  Humorous people tend to be able to think outside the box, which isn’t just necessary in finding humor in the everyday but also in problem-solving and creating.