Excuse how I look today. I really need to go shopping. It’s time to do the thing I hate the most. Buying

clothes. I’ll go to any lengths to avoid it.

I hate shopping in stores. Don’t get me wrong. I like buying stuff. I like owning things. But, shopping is a

whole other story. Shopping, especially for clothes, is one long trek through aggravation alley. There are

crowds and lines. Retail stores don’t carry all the brands, colors, or sizes. A short jaunt for jeans ends up

being a marathon dash from one store to another. Fitting room lighting is designed to make the clothes

look good on the rack, not on me. From start to finish, shopping sucks.

I do most of my shopping online. Online shopping is awesome for electronics, home goods, and the

occasional grocery item, but it’s terrible for clothes. Women’s clothing sizes aren’t standardized. One

designer’s eight is another’s twelve. Frankly, it’s a crap-shoot. When I shop in stores I can try on the

same thing in three different sizes. Not so much with online shopping. The return process is too long

and difficult to make it feasible. Amazon does a great job with returns, but I never can seem to find the

clothes I want there, either. That’s ok. Amazon doesn’t have to be perfect at everything.

I recently lost some weight, so I need to go buy new clothes. I’m dreading it. Seriously, I can’t think of a

worst way to spend a day. I hate clothes shopping so much, I once bought a subscription to Gwynne Bee

just so I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with my clothes closet. It was kind of like an old-school

Netflix for clothes. It was a cool service, but the returns process took too long to make it work for me.

At least I could try two sizes of the same dress without have to purchase two dresses.

I can’t be the only person that really hates to shop. There’s got to be more of us out there. Sometimes,

I wonder if I should try bribing an Uber driver to go shopping for me. Uber is just people delivery, right?

I’ve been looking online to see if there’s any new shopping avoidance method I haven’t tried yet.

Amazon drones sounds great. It’s a future promise that Amazon seems committed to deliver. They plan

to transport packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less. They are designing a series of drones to fly

in all US climates. Future me will probably never go to the store again once Amazon’s drone service gets

off the ground. Till drones becomes part of my reality, the next best thing would be a delivery service.

I’ve been looking online, but the only one I can find is Shoppler.

Shoppler looks great! There’s a variety of department stores (like Macy’s and Bloomingdales), high-end

retailers (like Gucci and Coach), and discount retailers like Target. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and

cosmetics delivered by Shoppler to my home on the same day. Returns picked up from my home the

same day. Nice little App that lets me shop in the bathtub. Everything I want is right there! I could avoid

going to the store and trying things on in the fitting room! Trying clothes on at home would be amazing.

I could see if what I want matches what I own. I could figure out if I had accessories that work, or if I

needed something new. Every shopping problem solved with Shoppler!

Except, no. It’s not. Shoppler isn’t available in my area, yet. Booo! I emailed customer service at

Shoppler.com to let them know that I wanted Shoppler in my area. They sent a really polite reply letting

me know that Shoppler service would be available in the next few months. I can put off buying clothes a

few months if it means I can have them delivered for FREE to my house. No problem at all.

Is Shoppler in your area?